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Dragonflies have special meaning to the indigenous people of each continent they inhabit. They represent swiftness and activity; change and transformation; joy and happiness; adaptability; and an invitation to dive deeper into feeling and understanding. They are symbols of courage, maturity, and depth of character.

Each of the wings on the REACH dragonfly is decorated with a double curve design that is specific to each of the four Wabanaki tribes; the Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Maliseet and Micmac. The body is made of blueberries, an indigenous fruit that has sustained Wabanaki and Maine citizens nutritionally and economically for generations.

The color purple in the wings represents our highest selves, our connection to Spirit and calling on all healing powers. The iridescence of the blueberries illustrates the acceptance of and respect for our unique perspectives and life experiences. The blue and green in the circle represent Earth and Sky and REACH’s relationship to the TRC.

The open circle denotes the inclusiveness of REACH’s process, the recognition of inter-connectedness and the ripple effect of what we are undertaking. Hovering over the circle symbolizes commitment to this work of restoration, engagement, advocacy, change and healing.