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Dawnland Signals

Dawnland Signals is a live monthly talk show holding space for critical conversations of Truth, Healing, and Change in the Dawnland. Highlighting Indigenous topics not immediately represented in mainstream media, the show features guests involved in various aspects of truth, healing, and change work in an effort to share, inspire, and inform. 

The show airs on the third Thursday of each month from 4:00 - 5:00 PM and is hosted by Executive Director Maria Girouard and volunteer Esther Anne. 

Due to the pandemic, all shows have been prerecorded. Shows will be live and invite listener participation when it is safe to return to the radio station. 

Shows are archived on the WERU website.


Send Us a Signal!

Do you have an idea for a show topic? Do you know any inspirational guests we should be interviewing? Do you have information about an amazing organization doing great work?  Send us an email with your suggestions, we are always interested in learning about new projects and meeting new people. If we use your suggestion, we will give you a shout out on the air. 


Featured Dawnland Signals Episodes:

Remembering the Truth Commission in Maine

A look back at the TRC process five years after the report:

  • Most memorable moments of the truth commission process
  • The impact of the TRC report and the truth-telling process on Wabanaki and Maine communities
  • What lessons from the TRC process might be helpful in addressing current issues

Guests: Carol Wishcamper, Sandy White Hawk (Lakota) and Gail Werrbach, former Commissioners

Tribal Sovereignty

TRC recommendation number one is to respect tribal sovereignty:

  • What is tribal sovereignty?
  • What does it look like for tribes to practice sovereignty?
  • What can Mainers do to respect tribal sovereignty?

Guests: Mark Chavaree, Penobscot Nation; Michael Corey Hinton, Passamaquoddy Tribe; Penthea Burns, REACH Board Co-chair

Land Acknowledgments

  • The origin of the new found interest in land acknowledgements
  • Different types of land acknowledgments
  • Appropriate ways to do a land acknowledgement

Guests: Dr. Darren Ranco, Penobscot, Chair Native American Programs, UMaine; Diane Oltrazewski, Belfast resident, REACH Board.