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This has been an amazing journey to bring truths to light. To bravely state fact, to move through and past pain toward healing.”

— DHHS supervisor

1.jpgWabanaki REACH advances Wabanaki self-determination by strengthening the cultural, spiritual and physical well-being of Native people in Maine.

We see a future where Maine and Wabanaki people join together, acknowledging truth, promoting healing and creating change.

REACH (Restoration-Engagement-Advocacy-Change-Healing) began as a collaboration of state and tribal child welfare workers who knew from their work together that children, families, and communities need truth, healing and change. 

REACH initiated the Maine Wabanaki State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission and supported the Commission as it worked in Wabanaki and Maine communities. You can read the Commission’s findings and recommendations, which inform and guide REACH’s work and vision for the future.

2.jpgREACH staff continues to work with Wabanaki and Maine communities, rejuvenating the spirit that’s rooted in land, ceremony, identity and relationships. We support Wabanaki people in addressing their communities’ needs and aspirations. We engage Maine people to acknowledge the full truth of the past, embrace the full truth of the present and commit to creating a just future, no matter what obstacles are in our path. 


Read about the special meaning behind the REACH symbol, by artist Arla Patch.3.jpg