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We support the self-determination of Wabanaki people through education, truth-telling, restorative justice, and restorative practices in Wabanaki and Maine communities.

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Restoring the Stream of Life in Our Rivers

May 06, 2021

Part 1:  The Kennebec by Diane Oltarzewski "Reverence brings healing. It is the fulcrum of the great turningof civilization toward reunion with nature." (Charles Eisenstein) Rivers are the veins of our Mother. They carry life-giving nutrients to the farthest reaches of a watershed, naturally...

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An Awakened Life:

April 01, 2021

Tom Reynolds and the Paths Growing Awareness Can Take by Gregory Brown Finding the exact intersection of past experience, known skills, personal blind spots, and the desire to evolve and grow can be a challenging thing to pinpoint in a life. For Tom Reynolds...

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